Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Impresario 2009

Wow! Its been some time I last post something here! Haha! Life has been... busy as usual. Life in my NS unit is as enjoyable as ever. And my superior helped me to defer my re-course BMT to a later date, THANKFULLY! Film Unit now is like my 2nd SCC, all the wonderful people inside...

Ok, enough of NS stuff already, haha! I have been in this compeition call Impresario 2009 Original Composition for quite some time already and got all the way to the finals. Thank God for that. And my song "Only Way" is the only English song that went into the Finals! I dunno whether that's a good thing or a bad thing judging to the fact that the music publisher for this competition is a chinese based industry publisher call Touch Music from Music Forest aka. Ocean Butterfly.

I was quite disappointed when Tiffany did not get into the Finals for the Vocal Solo category, cos I wanted to see her in the Finals with me, just like old times... But anyway, I have to thank her for spamming votes for me, LOL! Tiffany has LOTS of email accounts!!!

Anyway, back to the song writing competition topic. Yesterday, me and Tingren have a session with Hong Jun Yang and the head of Touch Music Publishing House to discuss on how to improve the song for the competition. I was like OMG! when I saw him in the room waiting for me. By the way, he look so much shorter than when he's on TV... LOL! and fatter too... I realised he's very used to chinese music arrangement. He even ask whether I can convert my this English song into Chinese version. LOL!

After some time of discusion, we went onto the topic of music recording techniques and the music market industries, and we went on and on and on without watching the time, leaving Tingren lost in space alone, i guess... Haha! It was an enjoyable chat la. Finally there's someone who like to discuss on the same topics that I like and can understand me!

After that, he brought me and Tingren to his office, which is a mini recording studio! And he also gave me his name card. He has moved on to be the creative executive of Touch Music, that's explain why he seldom produce albums recently. And he calls himself Alien Ang. LOL! Anyway, he will be the judge for my competition, so better not make fun of him anymore. =P

I was also told to attend an interview session on the radio on this thursday or friday 7pm on 100.3FM. OMG! I wonder how am I able to speak well in chinese over the radio!!! SO EMBARASSING!!!

Anyway, these are the details of the Finals:
Date: 28 Feb 2009
Time: 6:30pm
Venue: Nanyang Auditorium
Tickets: $15(front seats), $12(back seats), $10(upper level seats)

There will be door sales. Do come support me if you can! Haha!

This is my song "Only Way". Hope you like it!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

My sweet life of the Army had just began, all thanks to the Lord!!!

Haha! Judging from the title above, you may think that why am I suddenly so devoted? Cos I have been receiving so many blessings lately! So wouldn't it be the right way the give thanks to Him?

To continue my NS journey from my previous post, I've been posted to SAF Film Unit in Safti MI as a Media Techinician, just when I made quite a number of good friends in Transport Hub like Wilson, Ming Yang, Chen Yang and Ji Wei. And Pang was posted back to Keat Hong Camp. Being posted out from the Transport Unit, I was given the Transport Hub Shirt and Cashcard as a token of appreciation. Its like leaving the family of the SAF Transport system company.

My new vocation as a Media Technician is a vocation that not many people in the Army will ever come across. The job scope is unknown to many, same goes to me, but I do know that its gonna be something related to media stuff. Anyway, I've heard its good life to be in there. True enough, that place is a PARADISE! Can be said better than the Music and Drama Company(MDC) which I'm dying to get in. And the best news is, I'M PERMANENTLY THERE!!! Which also means -> NO MORE POSTING ME AROUND!!! until re-course of bmt... And I also secretly heard that my Transport camp superior wrote a letter to send me to the SAF Film Unit. Love him.

On my 1st day there, I was interviewed by the boss, who is a SUPER NICE GUY! He is super friendly and not arrogent. And he don't dress in uniform. Having known my speciality in sound studio recording and music composition, he put me in charge of editing sounds and making music for the videos there. I was like "WOW! Its like I'm working in my future career already". And the Recording Studio there is very high tech. There's also a television, sofa and a keyboard in there to play with when I'm bored. The best thing is you can lock the studio and have ur private times in there and they wouldn't bother you so long as you meet the dateline to submit the given projects. The people working there are also very friendly, so far I never seen any Ah Beng-like characters there. Only Angels flying all over the place. Haha! I love my NS life now, and I hope it will be like this until I ORD.

Recently, I have been very busy thinking of a melody and arrangement for my song for the Impressario Song Writing Competition. I threw away alot of melodies until I finally got a melody that is more catchy and uses weird chords. And I have been thinking of ways to make my song stand out more. So I came out with a conclusion of making an English song having lots of back-up vocalists to spam harmonies to the MAX! Probably will make the song more different from the rest in the competition ba I guess... Anyway, I have done recording the instrumental minus-one and will be recording the vocals in LWS studios next week. Hopefully can submit the demo on time...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

1st time in a professional recording studio! So exciting!

The title says it all! Today is my 1st time that someone actually called me to sing he's song to be recorded into a demo! Somemore its from the people in Lee Wei Song Music School! Usually people ask me to help them play keyboard for their song only...

So I went to Lee Wei Song Studios today and sang the song. Its quite an ordinary ballad song though. And they recorded my keyboard and vocals. Oh, the song is a 2 guy duet song, so I sang it with my friend. After the recording, the sound engineer playback the song for us to listen. To my surprise, the quality is VERY GOOD! SO CLEAR AND CRISPY!!! AND IT DON'T REALLI SOUND LIKE MY VOICE! Except that their instrumentals recording abit sucky...

After the recording, the sound engineer said my voice very unique and wanted me to sing his songs too. OMG! Dunno whether is he trying to poh me or not. Sounds too good to be true... But still, I'm very happy! And he also encouraged me to join Lee Wei Song vocal class for learn the actuall vocal skills...

Anyway here's the song (guess which is my voice):

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lots of stuff to write about!

YOYO! Its been some time since I last posted something in this blog. So I have lots of things to write about. Things regarding my NS life back in Jurong Camp, my music performance outside and my relationship with my dear princess suat!

So I shall start with my relationship journey thingy. Many people are surprised that me and xt are together. In fact, we have been hiding our profile for almost one month le! (until the day when xt suddenly decided to let everyone know...) Life with her has been great! During our 1st month, we went to sentosa to celebrate! We went to underwater world, dolphin lagoon, musical fountain (songs of the sea) and the dragon trail. Due to it that its our 1st month, which should be very important, I wanted to make it more special and memorable. So I tried to think of alot of ideas to spice up the event, which in the end I thought of ideas that are very off... So I bought a pair of "cinderella glass slippers" for xt. Yea, I know its unlucky to do that... But I dont believe in such stuff. Maybe xt will, but I will prove that its untrue! Haha! And I plan a game during that day, which turn out to be a failure... Lol! I shall stop writing about this, shy le, more details ask me or xt personnally.

Next is my music journey as a performer. Recently, Yu Chun called me to replace him in his gig which is in 3 hours time cos he was ill. In case you didnt know, Yu Chun is the keyboardist for San Yue in Superband. I thought this is a good chance for me to perform outside in a gig since I never perform in a gig before. So I agree to help him. Then he sent me an email showing 24 songs titles inside, and around half of the songs I didn't hear before. And I dont have the chords for ALL THE 24 SONGS!!! Immediately, I called him regarding this problem and he call me to IMPROMPTU! WAH SO SCARY! By the way, its a wedding gig, EVEN WORSE, SCARY TIMES 2!!! LATER PEOPLE CANCEL MARRIAGE BECAUSE OF ME HOW??? He then sent me chords for the songs and call me figure out a way. I listened to a few of the songs, rush down to the gig and prayed for blessings. Lol! I never feel so unprepared in my performing life before, imagine playing for songs that you have never hear and play before, and you have to play it without having mistakes! When I reached there, Leon from Project Superstar called me to pick me up from the hotel. He say he is one of the duet singers. OMG! SCARY TIMES 3!!! But after some encouragment from my dear dear, I feel so much better.

During the gig, I do not dare to play any fancy stunts on my keyboard, cos I do not know how the songs sound like. I just play according to the chords that have been taken from the net, AND SOME OF THEM ARE WRONG! I told Leon that I never hear those songs before, and it got him pretty scared too! LOL! After halfway through the gig, an er hu player joined in and they wanted me to play with him instrumentals. OMG! SCARY TIMES 4!!! One good thing though, they cut a few of the songs cos I told them I totally have no idea what those songs are and the chords given to me were totally wrong. So I only have to impromptu 16 songs. But its still alot... Ok! In conclusion, overall performance... I did screwed up a bit here and there, but luckily the audience didn't know, cos I managed to quickly cover up. Its only between me and the singers that know the errors. Haha! The best thing is... I earned $320 from this gig. Shiok! And I did not know about this at all until the er hu player told me. It pays off in the end from all that stress! I have been blessed by God!!!

Lastly, its my NS life again! The story continues from the previous post when I was called back to Jurong Camp. When I was there on the 1st day, the superiors there call me to help the video team, which consist of 2 people, to work on the unit's anniversary video. And by doing so, I can stay at home everyday to do the project without the need to go back to camp at all until November 7, which is around 2 months from that day. I was like shocked!!! Wow! ITS LIKE HOLIDAYS!!! So I quickly do my project everytime and go out and play. And all the super high rank people will be watching my video in DXO! Shiok! Can become famous! However, the anniversary finally ended last week and I was told that I should get like a few days of off due to our "hardwork". Unfortunately, my superior can't give me off yet cos my unit is short of manpower currently, so I have to stay and help them for around 2 weeks lor... Sad case... And alot of people there (those who are not officers) are jealous of us having our holidays. So, they tried to give us alot of work when we are in camp. I had a great time working with my video team members, Pang and Ji Wei. Unfortunately, Pang have to leave us for his storeman course, which leaves me and Ji Wei stuck in Jurong camp. And given the information I got from the clerk in my unit, I will be changing to another place in 2 weeks to 2 months time cos I do not belong in Jurong camp. MDC auditions is in the 1st week of December, hope MDC will save me soon. Perhaps this is God's plan? See the connection? -> They may have to kick me away cos I don't belong in Jurong Camp and MDC audition coming soon. For now... I will have to stuck in Jurong Camp for some time, being busy again and assisting the clerk there...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Posted out again, back to Jurong Camp...

This is getting irritating... I have been called back to Jurong Camp Transport HQ. According to the email they sent to my superior, they need me to do some recording for their anniversary video. Sounds interesting... George will be posting to Sungei Gedong as a clerk and Jia Wei has been posted as a RP. I think he has the best life among all of us lor... Actually to me, I don't mind any vocation, as long as I can stay out. One thing bad about Jurong camp is that all the high rank superior are there, so very hard to slack. Dunno will I enjoy there more than Bukit Panjang camp anot...

As I have promised in my previous post that I will talk about Bukit Panjang camp Transport unit. According to most people, it is a very nice place to be in, cos the job scope down there is very slack. True enough, the disciplinary level down there is very low. What my job includes doing sai kang, doing details in the morning and after that surf internet and play games. Due to the very little job assigned there, most of the time I will have to act busy to avoid being assigned with extra work or scolded, especially by this old uncle call Mr Chew, which is very naggy and everyone hates him. LOL! He's a DXO there.

Over there, the office is very small. The 2 biggest superiors there is my MTO Gavin Soh and MTWO Cher. Gavin is a super nice guy but Cher is a horrible uncle, always like to aim me. Both of them seems equal in power, but by right Gavin should have more power, but he always give in to Cher.

As for the people there, 90% are malays, thus making cliques there for me is kinda difficult. I only been more close to the chinese there and also the one which I'm understudying, Ismail. He's a very nice guy to be with. Very patient with me when I have trouble and when I'm learning. Oh ya, I'm a detail clerk there. I will be in charge of planning a time table for the drivers there using the requests from the 3SIB and 5SIR units there. I will also be in charge of choosing drivers to go for the assisgnments. POwer right? Their lives lies in my hands. LOL!

Everyone there have to stay in camp, including clerks.I don't understand why I have to stay in when my house is at a walkable distance and I'm never late for work. The most frustrating thing is that at 1st MTO allow me to stay out but after that he say stay in. Hai... Cheated my feelings. But I heard that alot of people bend the rules there and illegally stay out, so I decided to do the same. Until last week I kana caught by MTO, but being a nice person, he never punish me or tell anyone. So I stayed in for a few days and I receive news of posting back to Jurong this morning.

Sadly, just when I'm about to get close to the people there, I receive news that I will need to return to Jurong Camp Transport HQ on the very last minute. I met many good friends and learnt many chao geng stuff from them. I even have a nickname there call "Stevo". LOL! And according to the people there, especially Fauzy, they say I'm like the Angel among the Devils. Probably because I'm have been acting to be a good and innocent boy over there. And yes, I acted, and got quite tired of it.

Anyway, Friends like Gerald, Ismail, Kwoh Boon How, Jaryl are people who I really enjoy their company there. Gonna miss them and my "private driving lessons" from Gerald...(I'm not suppose to drive actually...) This posting here and there thing is really playing with my feelings. Whatever it is, I believe its part of God's plan and I believe He will help me to a posting which I will enjoy and in my NS life. Amen!

And so, my journey continues back in Jurong Camp as a... Clerk...???

Monday, September 22, 2008


Dear bloggy, I'm very sad today. Mainly of 2 things.

Firstly, I did not get into MDC. My pes status as pending is not good enough for me to get into MDC yet. I have to get it to pes C as soon as possible. Recently, the Medical Officer in my unit had just sent my medical status onto the medical board as pending C2L2. I just need to wait till its confirm and try for the next MDC audition again. If I fail to downgrade my pes to pes C and get back to pes B, I will keep trying to geng till I get pes C, or else I wont stand a chance to get into MDC. LOL!

Secondly, my BMT friends have just POP (graduated) from BMT and have been posted to different units. Some even got into SISPEC and OCS. My good friend Kai got into a unit which he's hoping not to go. Damn worried for him. Seeing him sad makes me sad too. And Zuo Zhi need to be stuck inside his OCS camp for 3 weeks. All of my BMT friends will be reporting to their new units from today. The sad thing is all of them are seperated into different places and time schedule. We may not even have the chance to meet up anymore. Sob... No more fun times together... I'm gonna miss my buddies...

Monday, September 8, 2008

My 1st step to MDC, The MDC Auditions...

Yo people! Just to update you all, I'm currently working in Bukit Panjang Camp as a Detail Clerk, spending my slacking and boring life there. And I have been sneaking back home every evening after work to practise for my upcoming MDC auditions at that time. Out of the four categories, I signed up for Vocal Ensemble, Musician/ Instrumentalist, and Production Service. The only one I did not signed up for is the Artiste category as it requires you to act, host and dance besides singing, and I can't do it. As for my life in Bukit Panjang Camp, I will talk about it in my next post.

Ok, 2 major events I had for the last week end. SCC camp and MDC audition. I shall start off with the SCC camp. SCC camp was not too bad, but also not too good.

Good pointers are: the bonding of the freshies are there, schedule is clear cut and systematic, the lecture by acid lao shi is really a very good highlight for the camp, the food production from the bbq is faster as compared to previous camps, and alot of people initiated to help out during the camp.

Bad pointers are: too little members went for the camp so the atmosphere not as high, technical side still can be improved, the kbox session like abit failure and overused (hee... no offense, sorry), night walk location like not eerie enough leh...

And I was very impressed by Gary's effort to make the camp a good one even though he's sick. Carry out a camp is already very tiring, whats even worse is that he was sick and he still carry on. Hero la. But of cos chien wen did a good job in assisting him also la, haha!

For me, my experience in this camp is great! Get to know quite a number of chio boos, heheheh. But not as fun as last camp, cos not many of my year that bunch of friends come back for this camp...

K, for the MDC audition, which falls on the morning of the MP and camp day, is already a let down. I have to rush to the clubhouse super early in the morning to practise my keyboard and warm up my vocals and then rush to Nee Soon camp where they held the audition. And I met a lot of friends and celebrities there. I met Kah Leong, Timothy, Renfred, Hanyang, an old friend of mine and some SCC people there.

1stly, I went for the instruments audition. The Godly Drummer Andrew from SCC Audio Insanity was one of the judge there and he regconise me! It was my turn and I brought in my mp5 with my backing music track inside and my keyboard. When I'm inside the room, Andrew allowed me to set up my own keyboard and my mp5 into the speakers, but got this uncle judge refused to allow me. I told him I had prepare my piano pieces and it requires my backing track to be played together when I'm playing my piano or else the music I prepared will make no sense. He insisted in not allowing me to carry out what I had planned. Fine then, I got no mood in presenting my piano pieces anymore and anyhow press those key on the keyboard. After all that effort I had done in recording my backing track, it had come to waste. What an asshole. And for sight reading, HE WANTS ME TO PLAY IT IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT READING IT 1ST! Please la! In every piano examination, the students are ALWAYS given at least 5 mins to read 1st before playing. That uncle is so unprofessional. As a result, I flunk the audition. Nvm, still got vocal audition next.

As for the vocal audition, people who went into the audition said that it was quite tough when the judge is playing some random notes on the piano and you have to sing according to it. And they need a bass singer... Ooooo... I was quite nervous and scared at that time, cos I cant afford to fail as I had flunk in my keyboard audition. So I went in and did my best. However, it was not as tough as I expected. I'm able to sing out those random notes the judge played on the piano and I'm quite satisfied with myself. Nothing much to complain. And so I moved on to the interview for production service.

There, the interviewer asked me some of my experiences on producing shows and I vomit out all the experiences I had during my course in Film, Sound and Video. I think she was quite satisfied with me also as I mentioned I was involved in the NP Idol production and SCC concerts production.. And so, I have nothing much to complain. But my worry is that what if i'm selected for both vocal and production service? According to MDC, they will post me to the one which lacks of people. Shit! I wanna go into vocal ensemble more! But nvm, whether I get in or not, its God's plan and I believe he will do what's best for me. K, got to sleep, cya!

My song performed during SCC Camp, hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Driver or Clerk? Posted out again? This is so unpredictable...

And so my NS journey continues in Transport Hub West in Jurong camp. On the very 1st day there, 2 other OOT recuits join, George and Jia Wei. Immediately after that, we each had a short interview and all of us got the status of Driver Dropouts or T-list after telling them our medical conditions. And we may be posted to be clerks instead. George had an allergy to sunlight and Jia Wei got a lump on his back.

Everyone there are very nice and we are given so SOOOOOO MUCH more freedom than in BMT. But there are still rule of course. And also slackier... Our daily activities there are to eat our lunch and dinner. Other than that, we do NOTHING for the WHOLE DAY. So some of us sleep, and some of us listen to mp3. For me, I bought an mp5 and brought it along. I can't bring in PSP though due to the strict rules from the guard house, so I didn't buy it in the end. And ya, being in this HQ hub, there's a lot of things that I can't bring in, as long if the device has a memory slot even if u didn't bring the memory card, its still NOT ALLOWED!

Everyday we get to go home at 5.30pm and report back in the morning at 7.30am. And we are also told that after another interview yesterday, we will most likely be unable to go home every evening anymore. Everyone have to stay in, including clerks. The senior that is in cherge of us happen to be able to go home everyday after work. And we were told that he declared as gay.

For me, I'm very VERY desperately to stay out as I don't wanna be trap in camp and was hoping to attend SCC every wednesday. And their nights out are tuesday and thursday, NO WEDNESDAY! So I kept praying to Jesus for them to allow me to stay out. Haha!

And yes! MY PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! Today I was posted out to Bukit Panjang camp to do clerk stuff and because that I'm living in Bukit Panjang also, my superior allow me to stay out. This also means I can go for SCC every wednesday! WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! And I also heard Bukit Panjang camp is a slack camp and most likely they allow people to bring in PSP! SHIOK!

Unfortunately, they say its onli temporary, but I doubt so. Lol! And George who is staying in Bukit Panjang also, got posted to PLC, which is furthur and sticter I heard... And Jia Wei staying back in Jurong camp to help my senior. So, I have to leave my friends again. NS is a place that you will leave alot of good friends behind. I hate it.

And so, my story continues later as a clerk...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm BACK! To Singapore! No more BMT! for now...

Wow, never have I expected that I would finish BMT that fast. Well, I wouldn't say that I finished BMT as I got OOT halfway through. Anyway, its a looooooong story. And I'm gonna write it down here as I have not been blogging since the day I enlisted. Reason being that I was told that people in BMT are not suppose to write anything about their BMT life and activities. Now that I'm out of that place, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And so, my story in Tekong begins...

On the day of enlistment, me and Johnny was taken to the inner part of Tekong, which they call it, Rocky Hill. My company was Quebec and Johnny was in Zulu. Our blocks are just next to each other, and so, we get to see each other botak everytime. After that, I'm was brought to my bunk, platoon 3, section 2.

On that very 1st day of NS, I find it EXTREMELY hard to adapt. Everything that me and my platoon mates have to do must be fast and tidy. I hated the feeling that I'm forced to do so. I felt like a prisoner. Oh, and I'm very anxious to know who will be my assigned buddy and this very tall guy call Wee Seng in my bunk caught my attention as his bed number was assigned to be next to mine. Just as I was hoping that there will be no Ah Bengs here, I saw these 2 guys, Edmund and Jay in my bunk. One with some tatoos on his back and having fierce looking eyes like some sort of gang leader, and the other one with a mischevious face, dark eye bags and a hair as long as my maid's hair, like some kind of ah beng in the next generation.

Soon, I was assigned a buddy, Joei. He seems to be a very shy guy to me. But thats good! Cos I'm a shy person myself! Hmmm... Nothing much to chat about on our 1st day after introducing ourselves. But I'm soooooooo glad to have such a nice person like Joei to be my buddy, at least its not the 2 ah bengs. With the uncle hairstyle and the thick spects that Wee Seng wore, looks like a blur cock to me. I'm a blur cock myself, so I was hoping not to be buddy with him. Haha! Oh! And there's this mysterious bunk mate call Chee Tung, who didnt not stay in for a few days due to illness, confirm is a chao geng-er one. Lol!

The next person who caught my attention in my bunk is this guy call Kai Hock (cos of his BIG eyes). The 1st thing that we talk to each other was about the exchanging of our clothes sizes and we happen to want the same size of clothing that was out of stock in the store house. Soon, perhaps due to the same problems we faced, we started talking alot to each other and I find it very easy to click with him. Best part is, he's quite smart and fast in both his thinking and his actions and so it will be a good investment to make friends with him (wahahaha, can make use!). K, thats not true, I'm not so evil. I'm a innocent person, and I'll forever be. LOL! Oh! The onli time he lose to me is when bathing. He takes alot of time to scrub himself clean. Haha! But I enjoyed his company alot. We always run together, rush to the toilet together to bathe, waited for each other and chop seats to eat together, eat our snacks and sweets together in our bunk etc... And yes, of cos people will start thinking that we are gays, but I don't give a damn. I'm still straight ok, I still like that gal in SCC.

After that, I get to know this guy call Andrew in my bunk. The way he look, the way he talk and the way he behave seems soooooooooo familiar to me, like I know him somewhere in my life before. Perhaps we are destined to meet each other in NS. Haha! And he kept provided different kinds of food for the bunk, thus making him the "Food IC".

When Chee Tung finally returns from his MC, thats when I form the 3 clowns in my bunk, Meng Geng, Wee Liang and Chee Tung. One look like a Ah Meng, one look like Mian Bao Chao Ren and one look like Master Q (lao fu zi). And I like to find things to talk to Chee Tung cos I find his accent very cute. But Wee Liang's cuteness won everyone's heart whenever he look up to anyone with his innocent eyes and speak. And that Meng Geng aka Ah Meng cannot leave his bunk mates in peace by doing all those weird and hornny stuff. Though his actions are disturbing, but its always funny and entertaining. Master of the Jokers. And this guy call Sharul, which is Kai's buddy, is also a joker. But he got the status OOT and left us a few weeks later. Never have much quality time with him. And so Kai joined my buddy gang.

After some time, the bond in my bunk got stronger. The 2 bengs in my bunk aren't that beng after all. They are actually very nice people, and also very hornny people... About that blur cock Wee Seng I once thought of, he's actually the total opposite of it. He was fast in his thinking, fast in his actions, fast in leading our section, anything good, You name it, he can do it well. A natural leader. But not fair, cos he was from NCC, thats why he knows everything so well. In my opinion, he is the best leader in the platoon, better than lai ping I feel, but he wasn't given much time to show it though... Nvm, there is always another chance to show it next time. And this guy call Joshua, I never been talking to him much until I brought my guitar into camp and realised he loved music and singing like me. And so we always sing in the toilet ever since, until one night he got scolded by a sergeant!!! Haha! For me, my bunk mates call me "Feather". Cos I'm light. Lame right? Lol! Kai even go to the extend and call me a Peacock, Squirel, and then now Hamster!!!

As for my platoon commanders, most of them are very nice people, except for 2 ridiculous ones... Sergeant Malcom, the angel in the whole company, happened to be in charge of my section. THANK GOD! HALLELUYAH! PRAISE THE LORD! Sergeant Ming Hui also not bad, very caring person, very quiet person too. Platoon commander Koh is also a very caring person, but he demands alot from our physical level. Like Meng Geng always say "He thought he's training an army of guards". And... OMG! It left with platoon sergeant Alex and sergeant Zul! They are a bunch of bastards and I don't want to talk about them!

Ok, thats the introduction. YES! INTRODUCTION ONLY!!! I told you it will be a long story already.

I'm a person who desperately hope to get out of bmt life and the army by signing up for police, navy, air force and even military police(though it still belongs to the army). During my bmt training, I had passed 2 interviews from the police and waiting for the final interview. Things are going just fine, especially with Kai around, when suddenly the pain on my back get worse from all those route march. After the 6km route march, I was told to take a X-ray and the report said that I have this problem call the Disc Degenerative Disease on my lumber spine. On that very same day, Joshua got his OOT status due to his arm injury. OOT stands for Out Of Training. For those who think they do not deserve it will see it as Officer On Training, like me. LOL! A few days later, I got that status as well. Sad thing is I can't train with my good friends anymore. Good thing is that I can have the freedom I want, but I'm still not as happy that I thought I would be.

From that day on its doing nothing and cleaning up the place everyday like a servent and at the same time waiting for our posting back to Singapore. It was then I got closer to Joshua and Benny (someone in other bunk beside mine). And I always tend to get close to my platoon whenever I can, be it continue sleeping in the same bunk as them, going to out field with them, staying there until the night etc. to also keep Kai company whenever I can as he did not look as happy like how he used to be during those times. By the way, Johnny got posted out to be a Armour Storeman a few days later. Wahahahahahah! He damn suay.

On the bright side, being a OOT made me get to know a few more good friends like Selwyn, Eleuther, Kazuya, VINOD, Yew Hock and KY. And I forgot to mention this guy call Zuo Zhi aka ZZ. That's another guy which I find it very easy to click with other than Kai. Even Kai can click well with him. It all started when I told him that I had a friend call ZZ also and we started talking cock ever since. My 1st impression of him is that he is a fierce person, but the moment when he talked, that impression went off. I dunno its from his tone or what, but something just tell me that he is someone that I can meddle with. LOL! After that, we started going out as a threesome to Kbox.

Anyway, there comes a day that I will be posted out too like Sharul. A few days ago, I was stayng at home cos I had a 3 days MC. It was only yesterday that I recieved my posting together with Joshua and Benny and I have to rush down to Tekong to collect my stuff immediately. Joshua got a job as a driver, same as me but different place, wherelse Benny got a job as a storeman but same place as mine. Funny... I rushed back to my bunk to pack my stuff hoping to see my bunk mates there, but unfortunately, they were gone for SOC (Standard Obstacle Course). But thanks to Joshua, he dragged the time for me to report to the rover due to his medical report stuff. Then, my platoon mates return just in time when I was about to leave. And yes, its a very sad atmosphere for me, especially when I saw Kai wanna break down liao. Haha! And ZZ was nowhere to be seen in that little time that I have left. But I still got to meet up with them before leaving. So, not that suay. And also sergeant Ming Hui bid farewell to me in only his undies. I still remember how he used his soap or whatever stuff to cover the bulge. LOL!

Well, a story always ends with a conclusion right? Sooooooo, in conlusion, BMT is not a bad place to be in afterall. Without BMT, I wouldn't have met so many people, especially the 2 good friends of mine Kai and ZZ. Good story eh? Maybe I can film this down as a movie.

Message to Kai: I only break down when I reached home alone in my room. Haha! Cos I've been thinking through, ever since I got the status as an OOT, I had been feeling very VERY guilty. I still remember those days when you keep saving my ass from punishments until the day when I asked you whether will it be very troublesome for you to keep helping a blur and slow cock like me while handling your own problems as well. And you said its ok, you just need my company. But in the end I failed to tahan and got an OOT status, so ya, I also dunno how to answer to you after that and the only thing I can do is to sneak back to our bunk whenever I can. And the worse thing is I can't go through those tough times in BMT with you anymore, you know its like after you helped me so much and I just pang seh you suddenly. LOL! And I can't stop worrying whether you got other people to click with anot after I leave. Anyway, ever wonder why I only tell you all these stuff now? Cos I don't dare to say it to you. Omg! Its so ruo ma la! So I tell you through my blog instead. And I don't have to worry about others looking at this in my blog, cos they are all from my CCA and they dunno what I'm talking about. Besides they would have probably gave up reading halfway through this entry. Wahahahhahahahaha! Omg, I've written 2267 words already, time to sleep.

And so, today will be my 1st day in Jurong Camp as a Driver Trainee. A whole new story awaits...
(to be continue...)

This is the song which I kept singing and thinking of during BMT. It reminds me of all the good memories I had in camp (I also dunno y). Hope you like it!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Going for a trip to Tekong! In a few hours time...

Yo! Today is the day I'm gonna be a MAN! Like they always say, NS is a place for transforming boys into men. Oh God, that's the most disgusting line I ever came across. I'll be away for 2 weeks, returning to Singapore after that with a brand new image. I will be like Johnny by then, always wearing a cap. The only good news I got from this enlistment is I'll be seeing Johnny, Jin Cheng and Edmund in Tekong. The rest are just bad stuff. The worse one is I will be trap in camp every week for 2 long years, which every guy have to go through. I can only hope for the Police Force to come and save me soon as I have already submitted my application form to them.

Alright, I have pretty much finished packing up my room and my bag for my camp. Missing my family is not my main concern now as I'll be seeing them in 2 weeks time. But, I'll miss my room now in Choa Chu Kang. When I return to Singapore after the 2 weeks, I'll be heading to my new house already. Another thing is my gerbils, damn worried for them. Dunno whether my maid and parents can take good care of them anot.

Time flies when I'm having an enjoyable time in SCC. I used to always think that NS is still so far away last time, but now its a different story. I used to hate my academic life in schools studying my brain cells away, but now I learnt to appreciate those times. At least I get to come home everyday to see my family and friends after school and get to enjoy my mum's or my maid's cooking, unlike NS, where they force you to stuck in their prison and onli letting you see your family during weekends. I wonder how am I gonna adapt myself in camp for the whole 2 years without seeing much of my home. It's hard, but I have to try. Hahah! No choice.

Alright! I shall end here. This day will be the beginning of my prison life. Cya in 4 months time...

My song - Time

My Hamster [Name: Atrium]

My Hamster [Name: Atrium]

SCC THE MOVIE (may take some time to load, pls be patience)

FOR THOSE WHO CAN'T VIEW THE SCC MOVIE VIDEOS BELOW, YOU CAN VIEW THEM THROUGH THE FOLLOWING YOUTUBE LINKS (but in a very low quality): Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLO25M3DHkY Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c08aU1dbOSc Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-PKXQ6i_Vg Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu1aydsx3cI Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:

My Final Year Film Project - 遗 Part 2

My roles in this film: Sound recordist, Sound designer and Music composer

My Final Year Film Project - 遗 Part 1

My roles in this film: Sound recordist, Sound designer and Music composer


Produced on August 2008 Melody by Me Lyrics by Jia Yi Arrangement by Me Performers: Winston(drums), Me(keyboard & vocal), Tiffany(vocal) & Ken (guitar)


Produced on May 2008 Melody by Me Lyrics by Jia Yi Arrangement by Me Performers: Me (vocal) & Edmund (guitar)


Produced on May 2008 Melody by Me Lyrics by Wendy Tan Arrangement by Me Performers: Edmund(guitar) & Me (vocal & keyboard)


Produced on July 2007 Melody by Me Lyrics by Wendy Tan Arrangement by Me, Johnny & Jiayi Performers: Johnny(vocal), Qiu Yun(drums), Me(back-up vocal) & Jiayi(keyboard)

Ai Zhong Dian (requested by Johnny to put this up on the net)

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Farewell In The Skies

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Produced on September 2007 Melody by Me Lyrics by Wendy Tan Arrangement by Me Performers: Timothy(violin), Maxwell(guitar), Edmund(bass), Gregory(backup vocal), Larry(backup vocal & keyboard) & Me(vocal & pre-recorded drum beat)


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